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The Atlanta Jazz Festival
to May 28

The Atlanta Jazz Festival

Atlanta Jazz Festival has been a long standing tradition, and it's one of the largest free jazz festivals in the country. The three-day festival features both talented local artists and world-renowned musicians. This annual event is brought to you by the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

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Harambee Community Fest
11:00 AM11:00

Harambee Community Fest

The Theme for 2017 is centered around "Black Economics & Empowerment ”

The HARAMBEE Community Fest event focuses on the unity of the local black businesses, community and culture. This event is designed for the entire family. We have created an event for people to come with the intentions of having a great time and at the same time learn about different things, hear and share important information like holistic ways of living, healing, eating better, exercising, Natural remedies and products. Taking part in this event will open you up to experience something other than all the negative imagery, and less than positive events that happen on a daily basis. The Harambee exposes you to love and light and hopefully open you up to receive the idea of betterment for self and those around you. This event gives all of us the opportunity to come together to celebrate, inspire and encourage, each other.

This event will include a marketplace with small local business owners sharing information, advertising their business and selling merchandise, local bands, artist and poets, presentations by local community members on the main stage, workshops in the smaller rooms, A keynote speaker and an area where children can enjoy some activities.

The goal is to share information and knowledge on products and services and to encourage growth, unity, exchange and networking. We would like to also expand the visibility and access of what is available here in our own community. We feel as if it’s imperative and necessary [ to pull together ] and support our own and make our dollars work for our communities.

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